Learn Yiddish Live!

Paula Teitelbaum with Alef Beys chart

Paula Teitelbaum with her famous alef beys chart

Learn Yiddish with master instructor Paula Teitelbaum in a unique live environment.

Paula offers Yiddish language instruction at many levels integrating four skills:

  • listening
  • reading
  • speaking and
  • writing

as well as specialized ones:

  • Learn the Yiddish Alef-Beys in 6 sessions
  • Yiddish coaching for singers and actors

plus Yiddish song workshops with a theme, such as:

  • Songs from Yiddish Films
  • Autumn Songs
  • Yiddish Holiday Songs
  • Yiddish Children’s Songs etc.

Paula also offers private classes catering to the individual needs of specific students. For example, she currently has a face-to-face weekly class with a cantor/scholar who wants to learn Yiddish in order to read articles about the state of khazones and khazonim (the cantorial field and cantors) at the turn of the century in Poland. He is going to use this source in an article he is planning to write for a scholarly magazine. He was in Paula’s beginners class at the YIVO summer intensive program, and he is working on improving his reading skills and doing research simultaneously. He reads and Paula gives him feedback and helps him with comprehension of things he doesn’t get.

Last year Paula had a private student who spent the year reading from Itzik Manger’s Khumesh Lider and Megille Lider with her, and learning vocabulary he encountered in the poetry.

She also has a student whose wife speaks Yiddish with their new baby, and he wants to learn things to say to the baby in Yiddish.

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